Friday, June 3, 2011

Upcoming Shows: June/July

June 4: Deafheaven and KEN Mode at Elbo Room

June 4: VYGR, At Our Heels, The Funeral Pyre at Hemlock Tavern

June 4: Atriarch, Sutekh Hexen at Retox Longue

June 4: Walken, Aerial Ruin at Thee Parkside

June 7: Gates of Slumber, Orange Goblin at Bottom of the Hill

June 10: Young Widows at Thee Parkside

June 11: Miasmal at Hemlock Tavern

June 12: Undergang, Miasmal, Laudanum, Acephalix at Victory Warehouse Oakland

June 17: Lake Of Blood, Vestiges at Sub Mission

July 1: Giant Squid, Judgement Day at Thee Parkside

July 2: Coliseum at Thee Parkside

July 20: Liturgy, Chelsea Wolfe at Bottom of the Hill

I will be amending this post as new stuff arises. Saturday night is a busy one from the city. I'm going to hit Deafheaven and KEN Mode first, and because it's an early show head over to Retox for Atriarch afterward. But the other two options are really good ones as well.

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