Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ash Borer- Secret Show

Immediately following their set at Elbo Room in SF, Ash Borer and Fell Voices played a secret show at a friend's garage at 24th and Vermont in San Francisco 11/5/11/

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  1. I went straight over to El Rio to catch Cormorant after the Elbo Room show - this looks amazing! I've seen Amber Asylum and Fell Voices before (FV recordings are wonderful, but it just brings it to a whole new level seeing them live); first time seeing the others, enjoyed them all, but Ash Borer...oh yeah! I really wish I could've attended Eli's (glad you documented), but I had to be up at 3am on Saturday. Psst...don't tell Taylor or Raymond, but there's something about your approach or equipment or sensibility or something that, in my book, gets you top bill for these types of shows. Oh yeah, your illustrations rule too. Anyway, sorry for being such a social retard at shows; awkward music for an awkward bloke, or something like that. Cheers!