Friday, October 29, 2010


"How many of you kids like grindcore??"
The Lord Weird Slough Feg. I completely forgot this show was happening until I was reminded late afternoon. It's funny because I just listened to their new album The Animal Spirits (Profound Lore) this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it, and was really excited about seeing them live again. A few hours later I was headbanging right next to Mike Scalzi, who remarked that he would like to cannibalize me.
Slough Feg rocked so hard and played a few cuts from their new album, a couple older songs and closed with my absolute favorite SF song 'Tiger! Tiger!'


The legendary Joe Preston played as Thrones at Sugar Mounatin in Oakland Thursday night. Preston played bass and did vocals to preprogramed loops. He also played synth and did some vocoder vocals.

Christian Mistress

Christian Mistress are from Washington and have a new album out on 20 Buck Spin called Agony & Opium. I recognized the guitarist with straight hair from the first time I saw Wolves In The Throne Room when he was filling in as bassist for them.


Beer-themed metal featuring Christy Cather from Ludicra on guitar and vocals.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Russian Circles

This show made me fall back in love with Russian Circles. I got into the band in 2006 (the only good thing has ever done for me). They only had one album, a primitive website and a modest amount of friends on myspace. The band has since released two more albums, opened for Tool and Red Sparowes and now have a wider and more solidified fanbase.
I hadn't seen Russian Circles in over two years. I couldn't get in to their sold out show with Red Sparowes, and I was so let down by last year's Geneva album that I skipped their SF stop for that tour. Since then I've gotten over my disappointment, and the addition of Keelhaul was more than enough to see the band I once loved so dearly.
The band played a powerful and energetic set of epic, melodic, instrumental metal. They played with the confidence of bands twice their age. Mike Sullivan is a true master of the loop pedal, his timing is incredible. Not to mention ex-These Arms Are Snakes bassist Brian Cook playing keyboard and bass simultaneously, and Dave Turncrantz's expressive drumming.
An excerpt from the song 'Youngblood' to follow...
Bottom of the Hill 10/25/10