Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cannibal Corpse

Last but not least, le Corpse du Cannibal. While I'm not particularly a Cannibal Corpse fan, I do appreciate their music and their abilities. I'm definitely a fan of Skeletonwitch and 1349, so when their sets ended I headed to the back. I've seen videos of Cannibal live, so I thought I should get out of the way so I didn't lose my camera, a shoe, or my ability to breathe. I don't normally hang out in the back at shows, and it's a completely different experience. You see a lot more of the weirdos. I saw a few disorderly patrons being ejected from the club, counted three sombreros and a Mexican flag (cinco de mayo) and was mere feet away from a violent tussle between a fiftysomething year old man and a completely wasted girl. Overall, I had a great time.
5/5/10 @ Slim's
Video: excerpt from 'Evisceration Plague"

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  1. hi brian. Sorry I'm following you a lot, I didn't understand how to do that at first, but now you look like a lot of people are following you. Too bad I missed you for most of that show. I was busy getting my ass kicked/hair ripped out in the front.