Sunday, May 16, 2010


Portal came all the way from Australia for they're first U.S. appearance, and are on the excellent Profound Lore label.
The lighting at Parkside is very limited, so the band decided to play in complete darkness.


  1. Wow, my 1st comment that wasn't spam, thanx! I looked up Isis and they were great; I was going to upload some videos to my youtube ( the Isis part is just coincidence (Isis=Rhea=Madonna) anyways. I was trying to find the 2 bands I was listening to today: Wold & Skullflower but the only thing I found on youtube close to Wold was the word WORLD as a typo. (If you find it, screech owl is a pretty good album).

  2. AWw yeah you are so musically vast!


    I'm going to totally try and get drunk at the printmaking critique party. FUck iit