Monday, March 7, 2011


Wormrot and Woe played the Hazmat in Oakland hot off the trail of the third Scion Rock Fest in Pamona, California. Wormrot came all the way from Singapore to bring their own brand of spastic grind back to the United States. This was such a fun show; the Oakland crowd was more than accommodating to the guys in Wormrot. Hopefully they make it back to the West Coast soon.
If you're a heavy music enthusiast living in the Bay Area, you have some tough choices to make this weekend. There's the Oakland Black/Death Fest Sat/Sun at the Oakland Metro (I'll be going Saturday only).

The Secret and Funeral Pyre are playing Gilman in Berkeley on Saturday.

Slough Feg and Christian Mistress are playing Hemlock on Saturday.

Red Fang are playing Bottom of the Hill on Saturday.

I hope you know what you like because these all sound really good. It kills me that I won't be seeing The Secret because they're coming all the way from Italy and their last record was one of my favorites of last year. The black fest has the most bands, and I want to support the guys in Pale Chalice and Dispirit.


  1. DOOD. Wormrot was one of the best grind bands I've seen in a LONG time!

  2. hey, i'm visiting san francisco in may and was wondering if you know of any good metals shows between the 9th and the 20th. thanks!

  3. May is a little far in advance, so it's hard to tell if there will be anything good in that time frame. Check the online calendars for these venues: Thee Parkside, Slim's, Bottom of the Hill, Hemlock Tavern, Oakland Metro.